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About Us

We are a team of experienced business leaders having domain expertise and innovative developers with proven track record in technology development.

We have successfully delivered solutions on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Sawtooth, BigchainDB,, Steller and Multichain.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Bloque labs is about imparting value to the ecosystem by facilitating affordable blockchain products & fostering developer engagement with the larger blockchain community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To build a common platform where people with similar goals can participate in creating a secure, transparent and efficient system for the next generation.


We help others achieve their goals in a mutually promising environment by providing curated services.


We hand hold you to create the best use-case of tokens for your product. This helps to better connect with the target audience and build trust in the project.

Blockchain Consulting

We support business in breaking down the critical requirements into actionable tasks. This introduces transparency & helps deliver the quality.

Blockchain Training

We train business leaders, individual developers & also conduct corporate training programmes. We groom in-house talent to take confident steps in this cutting edge technology.

Smart Contract & DAPPs Creation

Writing secure DAPPs are hard and we do it finesse. Our team will help build end-to-end decentralized application by using most secure platform available.

Technical Architecture Audit

We do in-depth technical audit of whitepapers & projects, so that it communicates the objective clearly to its end-user. It’s important to be fundamentally correct in technical architecture.

Security Audit

We meticulously perform granular level of checks which thoroughly tests the Smart Contract to meet its end objective. These are very easy to get wrong and very hard to get right.


We're building software tools to help anyone with specific knowledge to build a secondary revenue stream for themselves. Here's our product suite.


A premium video conference solution for MSMEs : Start your meetings with your branded logo and backdrop matching to your colour themes and allow your guests to join the meetings in the browsers. Zero installations! Try Now


Bullet-proof your documents by issuing them on blockchain : Do you understand that it is YOUR brand value that gets tarnished when any certificate is duplicated? Command full control on your brand value by issuing certificates which are hard to tampered or duplicate. Start issuing certificates on SchoolChain today! Try Now


Monetize your time and get paid in crypto : Have you ever got stuck in a very SPECIFIC problem and thought that someone can give you the solution for JUST that problem? Worry not. This solution will help you find the professional who are great at it. Connect with them. Book their time. Attend a video/audio call with them. Try Now


A solution to push parliamentary behaviour in the digital meetings : This is an upcoming solution for maintaining decorums in the digital meetings.


Share more with confidence : Most of the time we share more information in the meetings casually and don't secure it with the mNDA. This solution shall fill that gap. Stay tuned!


A physical and digital art tracking solution. An upcoming NFT marketplace : This is going to change the way we perceive arts and artists! An immersion of physical and digital. The walls of these two reals will fade away soon with. Stay tuned!




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